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He is r-ICE-n: Easter Eve NHL Playoff Preview

In regards to sneaking in a quick NHL Preview, there is no better day to write it than Holy Saturday.

Why, you ask? Well, it's a passable (albeit labored) excuse for posting a 'preview' three days late. 'Predicting' and 'prognosticating' eight different playoff series, after we've already seen one (or even two) games already from each? It sounds like the act of a true coward.

No no. If I was going to do this. it was going to be done right. If I was going to predict- correctly or incorrectly- it was going to be done with honesty and respect. Less Judas, more Simon of Cyrene (and with that concludes the not-intended-to-be-offensive Easter references.) It's time to kick off this all-denomination playoff preview.

After careful consideration of how to do this fairly, I found solace in the wonderful Bracket Challenge. Once all the playoff matchups were announced, I put my hat in the ring and picked all the matchups as part of the contest, and VOILA!:

By the power ...
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We're back, baby!

September 5th is a landmark day on the 2013 calendar. It's been 214 days since the Ravens topped the 49ers in last year's Super Bowl. And 131 days since the 2013 NFL Draft. And 287 days since Mark Sanchez sprinted head-first into a butt and hand-vomited the football away.

Today begins anew.

In a rematch of one of the wackiest playoff games in NFL history, defending champ Baltimore travels (really?) on the road to take on the Denver Broncos. More on this in a sec. But first, a more macro-sized look at NFL 2013.

As always, this is the annual time of year where everyone thinks they have it all figured out, and of course go on to find out by October 1 that nobody knew anything. That is today's NFL. So with that in mind, I will GLEEFULLY indulge in the nonsense. Here's a quickie look at what each division has going for (or against...) them this season.

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The Demons Behind My NBA Game 3 Enjoyment

As I poured my Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning, my mother was quite interested in last night's sporting events. Of course, she knew the Mets had lost (again), but was wondering what was going on in hockey and basketball playoffs.

"Well the Stanley Cup starts tonight, and the basketball game last night was awesome. The Spurs kept hitting three-pointers every time they took them, and won by like 40 points," I explained.

"One team won by 40? Isn't that kind of a 'stinker' for a playoff game?" she asked.

I thought about it, and really had no logical response as to why the game wasn't a stinker. I have no horse in the NBA Finals (my Knicks fandom is only a notch above fair-weather bandwagoner.) So why wouldn't a want a close, competitive, exciting game and series?

But putting myself back on the couch last night watching the game, a close game was the absolute last thing I desired. I wanted the Heat to get stomped. The Spurs set an NBA record with 16 three-pointers (with Long Island's ...
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2013 Playoffs Round 2: Bringing Original-ity Back

The first round of the NHL playoffs concluded in wacky fashion Monday night. While the Rangers beat down Washington on the road in one Game 7, the seemingly-doomed Bruins rewarded those fans who kept the faith with a historic late-game comeback against Toronto.

So the Maple Leafs and Capitals joined the Canadiens, Wild, Ducks, Canucks, Blues and, yes, Islanders out on the golf course for the long summer.

Accompanying the Rangers and Bruins in the final eight are the Penguins, Senators, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Kings, and Sharks. The vintage fans are surely delighted that half the teams remaining (NY/Bos/Chi/Det) are Original Six squads. With all four teams matching up against each other, clearly they will be thrust into the limelight.

The blog's first-round picks went a lukewarm 5-3. Even more disappointing, the teams who won the 'Battle of the Guardians' went an impossibly-bad 1-5-2. Coming back for round two, perhaps these guardians can restore some order.

With the well-represented Isles now out of the picture, I have a clear mind for round two. It all starts tonight ...
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2013 NHL Playoffs: LI's Prodigal Sons Return

"It's been 262 days since your last posting..."

Not only is GoDaddy a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing template, it also delivers the no-holds-barred honesty that drives you to get off your keyster and BLOG. And though 262 days feels like an eternity, you can only imagine how long the last 2,203 days have felt.

It was April 20, 2007 when the top-seeded Buffalo Sabres eliminated the overmatched No. 8 seed Islanders in the first round of the playoffs. The next 2,000+ days would be filled with plenty of losses, fledging attendance numbers, and even an announced move to Brooklyn. But lost in the shuffle of all these negatives were some quality draft picks, some personnel gambles that paid off bigtime, and finally a colossal hot streak that resulted in a playoff spot and a long-awaited chase for the Stanley Cup.

How long this chase will last is certainly up for debate. The Isles had an outside chance to climb as high as the No. 5 seed in the final weeks, but a lackluster last couple of games pushed them down to the disadvantageous 8-slot. They ...
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NFL Week 4: Back to the roots

"I don't kno-ow-ow-owwww-ow where you're going,
Or when you're coming ho-o-o-o-ome
I left the keys under the mat to our front do-o-o-o-o-o-r
For one more chance to hold you close
I don't kno-ow-ow-owwww-ow where you're going,
Just get your ass back home."
That song that gets ruined when all the rapping starts

It feels like just a couple of hours ago that everyone was getting amped up for Giants-Cowboys that Wednesday night at MetLife stadium. Take one blink, and we're already on the cusp of October, nearly halfway through the season.

That's not to say that the season has been mundane. Darrelle Revis is out for the year with an injury, Eli Manning already has his patented pick-a-thon-turned-monster-comeback game and Mark Sanchez has more wins on the campaign than Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning (I just had to know how if felt to type that.)

But with the Jets are ...
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Year III of the NY Sport Blog Valentine's Extravaganza

Hello readers, and a very Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.  The blog is coming at you in a sparkling red font today, as has become tradition for the V-Day Extravaganza.  I can't believe we've already reached year 3 of this tradition...furthermore, not ONE of the lucky damsels of years 1 and 2 have contacted me.  Not even a telegram.  

If you're new to the blog, this is one of the more pathetic annual postings imaginable.  Essentially it's the Top 5 Most Desirable Valentine's according to Conor.  To help get you up to speed, here is a link to the inaugural posting in 2009 (damn, I forgot all about the 'Puck-Fests I used to write...expect a rousing comeback for those in 2012.)  And here is the link to last year's post.

As you can see from the past years, the rules are carefully constructed and concise.  I will simply ...
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The Game Hath Been Played, The Parade Hath Been Marched

Welcome back to the blog, readers.  It's now been three days since Super Bowl XLVI.  Before writing the blog, it was only fair to allow ample celebration time....both for the Giants  and for Rob Gronkowski.  Now that all the festivities have concluded, the sports world turns the page to the ongoing football/hockey/college basketball seasons, as well as the ever-oncoming MLB campaign.

But before that page gets completely turned, let's put a nice bow on the NFL season.  I have to be honest...sitting there watching the postgame celebrations on television, I really just had one thought rolling through my mind endlessly: "......the f'ing Giants....."  Of course it had to be them.  Six months ago, the whole lockout process created a feeling of uncertainty across the league.  Every team would be affected in some way (positive or negative) and there was a feeling that may potentially hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February.

If you were looking for a team that seemed flawed in the preseason, you looked no ...
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(Things You Probably Already Know About the) Super Bowl Preview

Hello all.  It's been a full twelve days since Kyle Williams Persecution Day in San Francisco and Bil-Lee Cund-evans Appreciation Day(s) in New England.  Those three individuals had quite a bit to do with this year's Super Bowl participants, the New York Giants and New England Patriots.  But you knew that.

As a matter of fact, the general product probably knows more than they even want to about this matchup.  After 12 days, I think it's safe to say that everyone is in full 'Let's just play the damn game already' mode.  So I will approach this preview that most readers have already had their fill of pregame information--whether it be from ESPN, newspapers, magazines, or.... Maya Angelou?

So with that in mind, maybe it's just best for me to ask some of my own questions.  They may be realistic, hypothetical, rhetorical, playfully-hateful, who knows?  The hope is they will lead me to a reasonable, unbiased (yeah right) prediction fro Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.  Les'go...

Question #1: Are the Two Best Teams ...
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Royal Rumble 2012 Preview

Hello all.  I know this is a blog that prides itself on football.  I also know that perhaps the craziest Championship weekend we've ever seen has still gone un-analyzed.  Thank you bye week-as we have plenty of time to dissect that later this week.  The image of Billy Cundiff's kick sailing wide is still branded to my retinas, anyway.

This is the first Sunday in about five months with no NFL football.  You know what that means...


The second-biggest night on the wrestling calendar kicks off the road to Wrestlemania.  The Rumble is great in so many ways, and well worth a posting.  Thirty men, one winner.  The main event of Wrestlemania awaits.  A quick breakdown of what to expect tonight.

First off, the pre-Rumble matches are underwhelming to say the least.  CM Punk should dispose of Dolph Ziggler, as I don't think the latter is quite ready to carry the burden of The Guy on Raw.  I expect one of the behemoths to unseat Daniel Bryan for the SmackDown title.  Cena vs. Kane? ...
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